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Spring 2004 (3.0MB PDF)
  • Highlights of TAG's The Driving Force Symposium, Featuring Peter Schutz, Former CEO of Porsche
  • Employers' Rights Under the Carrying Concealed Weapons Law
  • Another Good Reason to Pay Salary Continuation
  • A Review of a Growing American Group Client: JMA Promotions
  • Ground Breakers Corner
  • A Message From the President -Are You Wishing for Your Health Insurance & Workers' Comp Premiums to Drop?

Fall 2003 (2.0MB PDF)

  • Annual Fall Symposium
  • The HR Initiative - Can Your Company Afford Not to Have Harassment Training?
  • In the Spotlight - Beautifying the Business of Running A Dermatology Practice
  • Hiring for Success
  • A Message from the President - Finding Cash In Your Business
Spring 2003 (2.3MB PDF)
  • A Glimpse of the Spring Symposium
  • The HR Initiative - Employment Applications: Caution is Key
  • In the Spotlight - Roger Kreps Drywall and Plastering, Inc.
  • Is Your Company on OSHA's Top 10 List?
  • A Message from the President - Stop the Workers' Compensation Freight Train
September 2002 (421K PDF)
  • Saving Our Clients Thousands with Health Insurance Increases of 5%!
  • Spring Summit Symposium A Success!!
  • The HR Initiative - Exit Interviews: A Key Ingredient for Successful Growth
  • The Safety Zone - Is Safety Truly Achievable?
  • In the Spotlight - Terminal Warehouse, Inc.
  • Is Your Company on OSHA's Top 10 List?
  • A Message from the President - A Promise is a Promise
April 2002 (390K PDF)
  • Warning! Warning! Health Care Costs Are Rising—Don't Fall Into the MEWA and Self-Funded Trap
  • The HR Initiative - Job Descriptions: One of the Most Important Tools in Human Resource Management
  • The Safety Zone - OSHA Changes Recording and Reporting Requirements Effective January 1, 2002
  • In the Spotlight - Gade Health Care Center
  • The Broker Perspective
  • A Message from the President - TagNet Communications: New, Immediate Access to Your Business Information World Wide
May 2001 (435K PDF)
  • Health Insurance Costs Squeeze Business
  • The Safety Zone
    • The American Group Contracts ABI to Protect its Clients
    • Negligent Hiring Takes a Front Seat
    • Why Should Businesses Do Pre-Screening?
  • In the Spotlight - Select Machines, Inc.
  • The Broker Perspective
  • A Message from the President - Business Insights
February 2000 (295K PDF)
  • Health Care—Rising at Double-Digit Rates Again!
  • Empolyee Retention: Inolvement is the Key
  • The Safety Zone - Workers' Compensation in Ohio: Like No Other State
  • In the Spotlight - Ponderosa Steakhouse
  • A Message from the President - The Challenges for Us in 2001

T.A.P.E. Tip Sheet - Human Resource Support from The American Professional Employer©

November 2002 (347K PDF)

  • Meet Shirley Hughes, Human Resource Administrator
  • Reduce Employee Turnover with Open Lines of Communications
  • Early Detection of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
May 2002 (442K PDF)
  • Heart Attacks: The Silent Killer Within the Workplace
  • How Would You Rate Employee Morale Within Your Organization?
  • Do You Have An Empowered Workforce?
March 2002 (366K PDF)
  • Required Business Postings: Are You Truly Safe from Associated Fines?
  • Are you Prepared for the New OSHA Logs and Procedures?
  • Click Here for Instant Improvements Within Your Business and Employee Communications
  • So Many Seemingly Qualified Applicants, So Little Time
January 2002 (356K PDF)
  • Is Your Company Complying with Employee Privacy Laws Correctly?
  • Is Your Company Insulated from Electrical Accidents?
  • Why Documenting and Archiving Payroll Registers Can Be Crucial to Your Bottom Line
  • Anticipating the Effects of the Recession On Employee Management
November 2001 (325K PDF)
  • Is Your Company Safe from EEOC or Other Harassment Charges?
  • Is Your Company Minimizing Workers' Compensation Costs?
  • Why We Press Our Employer Clients for Employee Termination Notification
  • Anticipating the Effects of September 11th, 2001, On Employee Management

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